For Her: How to Deal with Your Partner’s Erectile Dysfunction

Relationships are always hard work. Whether it’s communicating, being honest, or accepting moments of vulnerability, relationships are a two-way street. So when your sexual relationship is affected in the most intimate of moments, it can be tough to work through.

For the ladies whose significant other is diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, this isn’t the end of your relationship, both sexual and emotional. Like every bump in the road when going through a relationship, dealing with your partner’s ED requires patience, communication, and understanding. Most importantly, remember that the problem isn’t you. ED is a common issue that many men experience, so don’t blame yourself for your partner’s inability to have or hold an erection. There are many health issues that can lead to an ED diagnosis, none of which include your partner not finding you sexy or attractive.

Your role is to be supportive, but sensitive. Your partner may not want to admit that he has a problem, or is too embarrassed to talk about it. As an equal in the relationship, find the courage and confidence to talk to your partner about it, and talk about different solutions together. Not only can medication like sildenafil help, but couple’s counseling or experimentation in the bedroom can bring back that spark you may be longing for. According to Everyday Health, “a good therapist can help couples identity the cause of erectile dysfunction and work through the emotional issues that surround ED.”

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it seems far too distant at first. As long as there is communication, trust, and a willingness to try, ED will be no match for your love.

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